Say no to Valentine’s Day!

Today is February 1st; this means that Valentine’s Day is 13 days away. We are now being bombarded with Valentine’s reminders everywhere you go; even Tim’s Horton’s is promoting their gift card for V-day saying ‘Not every gift needs to be a heart shaped box’. I can’t even grab my morning coffee without having Valentine’s Day being shoved down my throat!  
Do not assume that I hate Valentine’s Day because I am single. I have always hated it! This hate goes back to elementary school, when we were forced had to handout V-Day cards to our classmates. At the age of 8 there was the stress of making sure that you didn’t give Timmy the nose picker a card that might make him think you like him. Then if Timmy the nose picker gave you a “I Choo – Choo Choose you” card; you had to endure the taunting from your class mates that Timmy loves you and this continues on for the rest to the school year. I also hate nose pickers, is this all because of Timmy? Thanks a lot you little nose picking bastard. Actually nose picking is gross and we should hate nose pickers.
Okay you survived the Valentine’s Day ridiculousness of elementary school, now it’s high school, where you can send secret chocolate heart lollipops to your friends or that crush. This was the time for the popular girls to shine, oh how they flaunted the 20 or so chocolate heart lollipops around, saying they were all from the cutest, coolest boys in the school. We all knew they sent them to each other and probably sent them to themselves because the cool boys had better things to do than send out chocolate lollipops, HELLO that’s what makes them cool! Those same girls made sure to go out of their way to see how many lollipops you got so they can rub it in that you only got two. One from your bestest bud and the other from Sam the crotch scratcher who professed his love every chance he got. The sad thing is Sam was actually a cutie but the ball scratching ruined him, and just made him a joke. I really hope he got that issued sorted out before college. 
Now you have ‘The Relationship’ and Valentine’s Day is the day to express your love to your partner. I have a big issue with this, because if you love someone should you not be expressing that love every day? I truly believe V-day is for those that have nothing else to offer, it is for that jackass that thinks if he goes balls out on Valentine’s Day he can continue to be a jackass. It is for those girls dating that jackass to say to their friends how wonderful he is because he left a trail of rose petals to her car door with an invitation to dinner. They shove sappy commercials and ads at us, making the masses think that if you do not get some great over the top gesture on V-day you are not loved enough. It makes single people feel lonely and sad because they think they are missing out. Girls if you are single, think of it as we are just passing time until we meet the great guy who expresses his love everyday in his actions and does need V-day to do some outrageous gesture because you know you are loved.
It has come to my attention that March 14, is ‘Steak and Sex Day’ the man’s Valentine’s Day. Now that’s what I am talking about! Why do men get all the cool stuff? A friend of mine and her hubby celebrate March 14 and have learned over the years that the sex should be had before the steak dinner because after big steak dinner they found that they were to full and bloated for sex games. I can’t wait for the time when I get to participate in ‘Steak and Sex Day’! Giddy Up!
Ladies whether you’re single or taken please do not put too much stock in Valentine’s Day. For you taken ladies don’t be upset if your man isn’t over the top, chances are he does great things all the time. For you single gals, there is no reason to let V-day get you down, remember it is just an over inflated holiday that has no purpose but to make corporate America richer (According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated one billion valentine cards are sent each year, making Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year)
Let’s use Valentine’s Day to buy a new pair of boots or that sexy over priced top you’ve been eyeing for the last month. Treat yourself because you love yourself and are worth it!
How do you feel about Valentine’s Day, do you love or hate it?


  1. Feb 14 is my nephews bday and that's all that needs to be celebrated on that day!!!!Queen B

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