My Freebie List

Well I have to say that my Freebie Five list changes like the wind but right now these are the men who I would do bad things to should the opportunity ever present itself. Please note that this list is in no particular order as I don’t want anyone to feel like they aren’t as important as the next (just in case they read this…LOL).

1. Jon Hamm – God this Mad Men actor is sex in a suit, he is supposedly charming and fantastic in real life and that just makes him even more appealing to me.

2. David Beckham – The man can hit a soccer ball and model underwear, enough said.

3. Larry Mullen Jr. – Since I was young I have been in love with the Irish drummer of U2.

4. Rob Lowe – Is it just me or is he getting sexier as he gets older? It also helps that I haven’t heard any rumours of him sleeping with any 16 year olds so it’s all good.

5. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant – The accent, the Britishness and with Hugh the dirtiness of being caught with a prostitute somehow is appealing in a warped way. Don’t ask…

BTW – I know my list is 6 instead of 5 but I’m single so I’m allowed to break the rules and dream a little. Also it’s not like there is anybody right now who would mind me throwing in an extra night of debauchery for the fun of it.

Who are your 5, 6 or 10?

Queen B

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