50 First Dates – Dates 7 thru 9

Hey girls – sorry, it’s been a while. Christmas break and working like a mad man, and then Valentines Day as a florist will seriously impede upon a girl’s dating life, but I did manage to squeeze a couple doozies in. So let’s get right to it…

Date #7 – probably would have been better if he didn’t have a bigger hard on for Pearl Jam than I did…he was part of the fan club…and went to every concert that ever existed…EVER!! Ok, I would have gone out with him a second time, but he never called. I obviously wasn’t a big enough fan. Bummer, cause I would have loved seeing Eddie from front row.

Date #8 – this is one for the books if I ever did say so. So I was messaging 2 guys through a dating site…one named Matt, one named Aaron. Turns out they’re friends and Aaron ends up texting me on behalf of Matt and makes me believe he’s Matt who’s actually Aaron. I got seriously confused. I set up a date with Aaron (who did say he was Aaron, but I at first thought he was Matt) and just as I’m about to leave my house, he calls to tell me I’m meeting Matt. WTF you ask…yes, both these guys are actually in their 30’s…I felt like I was in the playground. So I go, cause now I’m curious. I meet with Matt and OMG…awesome! I actually couldn’t resist telling him how much material he was giving me. He was completely shy, nerdy, security/IT guy and was so freakin nervous, couldn’t look me in the eye. I calmed him down by telling him this was never going to happen…EVER!! He was super sweet though and I told him he’d absolutely be married before me, probably within the next 6 months. So we get onto casual conversation and I ask him what his favourite band was…his answer “The Barenaked Ladies”. True story…no word of a lie.

Date #9so I finally meet my “Trip Fontaine*” except it’s not high school, I’m 32 and he’s 40 (so he’s basically already entering his re-hab years…or should be) and then in week #4 he say’s “could you just shut the fuck up for a second” in front of his friend…and that was the end of that. Oh, and his 80 year old mother gives him 6:30am wake up calls or he wouldn’t get up for work. Seriously…another true story…never an exaggeration here, EVER!!

So girls, if this doesn’t pump you up for dating in 2011, I don’t know what will. Good luck out there dudettes, I’m off to surf and flirt with someone that looks like Eddie Vedder.

Single Chick (how much longer do I have to write that??!!)

*Trip Fontaine was the character played by the fabuloso Josh Hartnett in the even more fabuloso movie The Virgin Suicides.

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