This is a text that I received last night from last week’s dating disaster. I guess he has done some reflecting and realized what a tool he was. He is correct in assuming I pegged him as a pot smoking, beer guzzling wanna  be teen, why would I assume otherwise.  I find it totally ridiculous that he even made an attempt to try and set up another date, if you wanted to do it right you should have the first time! Also saying you dig me just makes me want to throw up in my mouth. I’m tired of hearing about grown men behaving like children, living with their mothers, having their mothers call them to get up for work, and showing old videos of themselves in their glory days. Why is it always about them because for the most part they are not that interesting! Yet they are delusional enough to think they have a chance after they have choked on their pot pipe while wearing AC/DC pyjama pants on a first date! Even if he looked like Brad Pitt in ‘True Romance’ where he played Floyd the stoner I would not have gone out with him again. 
Who am I kidding Brad Pitt was hot as a stoner!! If my date behaved the way he did and looked like Brad I would have at least made out with him.


  1. Liked you ditched him … There is moron and there is gentleman. The girl on the "right" deserve a gentleman 😉

  2. Thanks..I think I deserve and gentleman as well…any suggestions on how to find one 🙂

  3. Depends on your definition of a gentleman 🙂 I might just have the right guy for ya 😉 and he wont be calling you fag -unless he mean Fabulous – Amazing – and Gorgeous 😉

  4. I see this must be a friend of mine since you described me so well…Fabulous – Amazing and Gorgeous. Tis true hahaha :)Thanks I'm sure that is what Mr. 1986 meant by calling me fag he just wasn't sober enough to articulate it properly..LOL

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