Let’s say NO to Stupidity…Let’s Say NO to Mr. 1986

Who would have thought that 2.5 hours of my life wasted would generate numerous text messages from a not quite fully grown man child. Below is the latest text the was sent to me, there are so many things wrong with this message..so many. I do not like to promote stupidity but unfortunately it is all around me.

I have to wonder a few things …

1) Why does he keep calling me fag? Who in the hell uses that term anymore? It’s offense to me and to the gay community. I realize he is stuck in the 80’s but COME ON!

2) Why?! On God’s green earth would you call a women that you’re supposedly interested in a fag? Seriously!!! Is it the drugs? Has he finally fried every last brain cell.

3) Why would you look for me on facebook? I made sure my first priority after that date was to block him from my facebook.

4) Friends?! He is just lucky that if I see him in the street that I don’t purposely step on the gas pedal. For me friends with this man means, I will not run him down. 

He sent me another message after he did not get a response…

Let’s hope that he finally got it!

As for me I am going to take a break from dating, I think ‘Mr. 1986’ is a sign from the Universe that I am meant to be single at this moment in my life. For all you good guys out there and I know you exist; it sucks to be you because there are guys like ‘Mr. 1986″ ruining it for your kind.

Let’s say NO to Stupidity…Let’s Say NO to Mr. 1986!


  1. Oh My….. Speechless…ummmmm….ya…..

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