Day one & two of my Rushfit Journey..

It’s no secret that I am UFC fan and my favourite UFC fighter is Georges St-Pierre (GSP). Recently I stumbled across his Youtube video’s promoting his Rushfit program, and decide to purchase it. I need to shake up my workout routine and lets be honest I can watch GSP workout all day, he is awesome.
Last week my RUSHFIT 8 week training program arrived! This 6 DVD set includes 7 GSP RUSHFIT workouts. Plus get a workout guide, a nutrition guide, and 3 training calendars. I am not new to exercise I’ve been going to the gym for years, and last year I had a awesome trainer who left my gym to pursue his personal fitness business Stride Conditioning.  So I was left to my own devices and I went back to my regular routine which is mostly cardio with a few weight classes here and there, but I missed the functional training that I got with my trainer.  A big reason as to why I like UFC is not because I think the men are hot that is just an added bonus but I love watching them workout, I love the way they train, and this was how my trainer trained me. 
How this program works is there is a calendar for 8 weeks, and they list which workout video you need to do for that day. There are three different workout programs Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. All three programs rotate between the 6 videos. I believe that the difference between the programs is how often you do the harder workout videos, and as you get more fit they add cardio and a workout video on the same day. I choose the beginner program since these DVD are new to me so yesterday was…
Day 1 – The Strength & Endurance Workout this is a 45 minute workout that consists of a 10 minute warm-up and yes you will start to sweat in this warm-up.  The workout is set up as 5 individual 5 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest between rounds. The first two rounds you are using your own body weight, and the next three rounds you will need dumbbells. You should have weights that vary from 2 – 25 pounds. GSP used 20 pound weights and I used 10. After round 5 is a 5 – 7 minutes cool down.
I really enjoyed this workout it goes by fast, you sweat and if you take the time and do the moves correctly you will feel it; especially if you are new to fitness. Also having GSP on my big screen TV gives me that added motivation to workout. What I like most about this program is that they have incorporated moves from different martial arts and the functionality of those moves.  As Eric Owings (GSP’s trainer in these videos) stated it will separate the “Women from the Girls!”
I will post my before and after pic’s after I have completed the 8 week program. 
As a side note the nutritional information is pretty basic if you are expecting diet plans etc you will be disappointed. They just give you guidelines, which I already follow such as no packaged/ processed foods, avoid the white stuff (white bread, pasta, rice etc) drink lots of water, eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. If you need a diet to follow the Eat Clean Diet will work perfectly with this exercise program.
Today is Day 2 – CARDIO you are suppose to do your own cardio for 30 minutes. Today is my day at the gym so my cardio is going to be a 45 minutes spin class.

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