Melmira Bra & Swimsuits

Last month I went to Costa Rica on vacation, and I needed a new bathing suit. I am sure I am like most women in that I hate bathing suit shopping! I rather go to the dentist that is how much I despise the whole progress. I’m 5’ 9” in average shape and I hate bathing suits. I can never figure out why, when standing around in my underwear and bra I look fine (well I can live with it! Ha I guess I have no choice) but put on a bathing suit and lumps and things just seem to appear.  Then you swear you are going to starve yourself until you leave for vacation, go into a depressive state, and possible break out in hives (yes bathing suit shopping is that stressful for me).
Not wanting to go to Bikini Village again, I googled other swimsuit places in Toronto and stumbled across Melmira Bra & Swinsuits. This is not just another run of the mill Swimsuit shop here they actually fit you to your bathing suit.  I went there on a whim and usually you need to make an appointment but fortunately they were able to fit me in that day. I go upstairs which is their swimsuit area, they take me to a fitting room and then a stylist came to talk to me about what I am looking for. I wanted a one piece that was sporty but girlie, for surfing. She asked me to lift up my shirt, I assumed to get a better idea of how big the belly was, but she wanted to see my torso. She said you have a long Torso so we need to work with that, than she was off. She came back with 3 suits to start with, the first one looked great No lumps, No camel toe is this possible?! The second was not so good and my stylist said “take that off that’s awful!” This was not said in mean way it was the truth and we both knew it. The third one was PERFECT, sporty, girlie and OH SO flattering I actually felt comfortable in a bathing suit.
This was my first swimsuit purchase that did not cause me stress, insecurities or hives. My stylist was wonderful; she knew exactly what would work for my body type. I highly recommend this to you girls out there; the gals at Melmira know what they are doing. My stylist knew that because I was tall I need to go a size bigger than I normally would get, and she was right everything she picked fit nicely. I think the biggest problem we make is picking up the wrong size, or the wrong suit design for our body types which makes us discouraged, frustrated and just want to hide.
If you don’t live in the Toronto area I am sure there are other shops that provide the same service, try one next time you need a new swimsuit you’ll be VERY happy that you did, I know I was. I’m going to go back soon and get fitted for some new Bras. FUN! 
Single Gals Approved!

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