Am I Normal?

Sometimes I wonder “Am I normal?” I referring to the thoughts and urges I sometimes get.  For example yesterday as I was walking through the gym I passed a major Hottie and thought I’d like to bite his butt. Naturally I did not act on my impulse but for a second the urge was so strong, that I could not make eye contact with said Hottie for fear he could read my mind.

There was an Ally McBeal episode where Allie leans in and sniffs Victor’s (Jon Bon Jovi) butt.

Ally sniffing Victor’s butt 21 seconds in

Now Ally acted on her impulse, granted if Jon Bon Jovi were bent over in front of me I’d act on the impulse as well, I not made of steel.  Actually I’d probably sniff, bite and then tackle the man. See is that normal? 

Do you have these thoughts? Better yet have you acted on your strange impulses?

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