8 Year old get’s botox…

What happened to the days of playing Double Dutch and hopscotch (OMG there is a video on how to play hopscotch)? Since there are video’s out there on how to play hopscotch I have to assume that kids do not play that game anymore; but there has to be something out there that 8 year old girls can do that’s better than being entered into beauty pageants and getting BOTOX!!

Why is this woman making her 8 year old daughter stress over wrinkles?! WHAT wrinkles does an 8 year old have?! If she has wrinkles then it is due to the stress of not being able to be a kid. An 8 year old girl should be begging her mother for a puppy not botox. This breaks my heart, I hate to think of the mess she will be in by the time she is 16. This child is headed for lifetime of unhappiness because unless she can love herself as she is no amount of cosmetic surgery will ever make her happy. I wish that these pageants did not exist, and that people would start seeing the inner beauty in others.

 If you have a young girl in your life let her know she is perfect the way she is!

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