How to tell if a guy is flirting with you…

Apparently I am clueless as to it comes to men flirting with me, I cannot tell if it just friendly conversation or flirting. Last week after my drum lesson I was waiting for the elevator when this guy comes up said ‘Hi’, then when he noticed my drum sticks and music book he asked if there are notes in drumming? We chat about music and he said he used to play the trumpet in his high school band but had to stop because his lips were too big. I did not think you could not play an instrument because of big lips. So I tell the girls this and all three of them said in unison “He’s was flirting with you!!” I was shocked; according to them he wanted me to check out his lips (granted I did notice them after his comment).
This makes me wonder am I missing signals?  If so what signals have I missed? Since it turns out I am clueless to the male flirting ritual I had to Google the matter. Here are the most common signs that a man is flirting with you:
  • The cowboy Stance – he’ll probably lock his thumbs in his belt or belt loops, point his fingers downwards, spread his legs about shoulder distance apart and tilt his head to one side.  – Note: A male does this to get you to focus on his groin with finger pointed downwards… Okay I am definitely going be on the lookout for this sign.
  •  Touches hair or faceThis means he is preening for you…awe even the Alpha male will subconsciously try to make himself pretty for you.
  •  Sock Adjustment – If a guy pulls up or adjusts his socks in your presence, it’s an almost 100 percent sign he’s interested and trying to look his best.
  •  He teases youEven though boys grow up they still like to tease the girls they like.
  •  He maintains eye contact – This means he is interested in what you have to say and is mesmerized by you.
So next time you talk to a hottie watch to see if he is pointing at his groin, touching himself while keeping eye contact with you..Chances are he likes you and if he takes his hands away from his groin to pull up his socks you’re IN! Feel free to make your move!
Happy flirting ladies and I hope the object of your affection pulls up his socks for you!


  1. Hey, how about the fact that he even talked to you. Seldom do people strike up conversations for just exchanging pleasantries any more. I cannot count how many times I seen an opertunity for a joke and was told "how many times have you used that line?". Seems like most women are expecting everything a man says to be a pick up line now adays. Maybe when I'm 90 they will just realize it was for a bit of harmless conversation with a new face or they will just think I'm a dirty old man.

  2. My money is on dirty old man..sorry it just the way of the world people have forgotten the art of conversation.

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