Spring/Summer Fashion Fix

So it’s another change of season (or so they have been telling us) which means that it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. The change of season is the hardest when it comes to picking out the right outfit, mainly because the days are warm but the nights tend to be cooler. As I have mentioned before layer and layer well….I like scarves because they keep you warm and can go with pretty much anything, for spring look for lighter or brighter shades.

Another great item for the season are flats, always fun, comfortable and versatile, you can’t go wrong with a great pair (me, I splurged on Burberry’s, it was my treat to myself, along with the other items I said were a treat, oops!)…To kick it up a notch this season go for wedges as they are back in a big way….if you’re not a stiletto type of girl then the wedge is a great alternative, think sexy with function.

As with this time of year, white is big as are neutrals….for you ladies that love black (me, me, me) try to lighten up a bit, trust me I know it’s hard but in the dead of summer, having a colour that reflects light instead of attracting it is a good thing.

Short shorts are in for summer but keep these out of the workplace and save them for evenings out and weekends, to dress them up a bit wear your new wedges or some cute flats.

Remember to dress for your body type and not necessarily what the styles are….adjust as necessary and have fun with it….

Queen B

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