What is it about a man in uniform…

Last night I had to call the cops on my neighbour because in the last few months he has taken up sawing in the middle of the night. What he is sawing I cannot tell you but it sounds like metal pipe because when it hits the ground it clinks. I have told my building management and have written a letter as they suggested about this strange activity. I am not normally one to complain but when he is in sawing mode it will start around 11pm and go on until 5am. It is so loud you would think he was doing this in my bedroom and this is very strange to be building something in the middle of the night in an apartment building, is it not?
Last night he was at it again, so I call the cops he is after all disturbing the peace. An hour after I call the cops show up, but unfortunately my neighbour has stopped his midnight activity. They knock on his door but he does not answer so they come to my place to talk to me.  Ladies I shit you not this is what knocked on my door..
Imagine my delight and surprise when I opened my door to find a big masculine blue eyed hottie leaning against my door frame, and standing beside him was his more than sexy Asian counter part. I went a little weak in the knees. Needless to say that was the hottest thing to come knocking on this gals door in a very long time.
Here I was at one in the morning talking to two very HOT officers of the law in my baggy pajama pants, braless in my smurfette t-shirt, and my face all shiny because of my damn night cream. My only saving grace was I remembered to take out my retainer when I opened the door.  Doesn’t that paint a pretty picture and I seriously wonder why I am single, HA! Why do they have to send HOT cops in the middle of the night, shouldn’t they leave the hotties on day patrol when most of gals are looking our best and can enjoy the men in uniform.
It turns out there is nothing they can do about the situation because my neighbour did not open the door and he had stopped his sawing for the night.  They said the only thing I can do at this point was to call them again if happens because they agreed it was strange behaviour.  It sucks that they cannot find out what my neighbour is up to over there, but it’s not such a bad thing if I have to call them again but next time I must remember to put my bra on!
What is it with men in uniform that gives us gals major lady wood? Is it because they are there to save and protect us? Is it the authority that the uniform represents? Why do you like an man in uniform?

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