Horrible Bosses

I have not seen the movie Horrible Bosses yet but the movie trailers kill me, they make me laugh because you think that would never happen; that no boss is that bad! Sadly life is always stranger than fiction.  I had worked for a big corporation and I just could not handle the politics and  the stupid way they would spend money to waste our time on corporate etiquette training. For example you could not call women ‘Girls’ because that may offend someone, seriously? If some woman is offended because I referred to my group of friends as ‘girls’ then she is twat! Needless to say I learned nothing from those training sessions. 
I left big a corporation for a smaller company in which political correctness does not exist. My boss, whom we call Hef because he is currently is dating someone half his age and sends his Viagra prescription refill requests on the company fax machine.  Hef will adjust the boys on a regular basis. Once while talking to my co-worker he grabs the crotch of his pants and says “I think these jeans may be done”.

Recently my co-worker while looking for a file in Hef’s office found pair of his Polo underwear in the top drawer of his credenza. This is what life is like in my small office.


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