Rule #99… Don’t reveal to much to soon

This refers to what you share about yourself on a first date. Remember even if you think it is going well and you feel comfortable you still need to keep some things about yourself to yourself; until this person gets to know you better.

Date:  “I’ve recently gotten into reading biographies; I tend to go through different phases as to what I like to read”

Me: “Same here. I once went through a Serial Killer phase; I think I read every book out there at the time”

Date: “That’s a interesting phase, I can’t say I have ever gone through that one” (Date shifts in his seat and  is now looking at me a little differently)

Me: (Realizes that he probably thinks I have a room covered in plastic sheets. Maybe I should reassure him that I don’t have a room covered in plastic because my cat will eat the plastic sheets)

WARNING:  What seems perfectly normal to you may be a little off putting to others. However had he taken the time to ask why I had such a phase I would have told him that I was fascinated with the mind. I wanted to know what made some people evil and others not. I still love to know what makes people tick, why they do what they do including myself.

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