The Single Gals vacation tips:

We have polled our panel of single ladies as to what they do to prepare for vacation so here are the top 10 things we ladies should check off our list:
1)      Get make sure to remove all excess or unwanted hair below the waist or wherever you have stray hairs running amuck. Gals you do not want to be worried about shaving your legs daily. Take care of that before you leave, you’ll be glad you did.
2)      Get a pedicure especially if you are going somewhere tropical. You do not want your knarely winter toes poking out of your cute sling backs. 
3)      Bring condoms, ladies you have to be prepared for all things… even a chance at a HOT fling.
4)      Pack your matching panties and bras sets, just in case you need to use tip #3. 
5)      Get a travel plan for your cell phone.  Just a basic text messaging plan will suffice just in case you get separated from the gal pal that you are traveling with. This way you can text his hotel room #.  You always have to make sure that your gal pal is safe.
6)      Pack one pair of sexy heels, your favourite dress and make sure you have one glam night while away, this more than likely result in having to use your data plan.
7)      Get a manicure… if your toes are going to be pretty so should your hands.
8)      Make sure to pack a bathing suit, flip flops, change of gitch and a sundress in your carry-on just in case you and your luggage get separated.
9)      Bring Gravol and Advil, you party girls know this is a must!
10)   Make sure your passport is up to date.
Now you are set for the vacation! Grab your luggage, your traveling gal pal and hit the friendly skies. Wherever your Single Gal travels take you, have fun, be safe and be your fabulous selves and let the world unfold.
Happy Travels,

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