Text dating…

There is now a website for singles to meet other singles through text messaging call Text Dating.  The thing I hate most in the dating world today is the text message and now you can go online look at pics of singles and text them. Why would any half sane person want to meet someone that way? 
Check out this guy’s profile…
I’m just an intelligent guy with a great sense of humor. I’m someone who you’d be proud to take home to mom (mom will love me more than you do, I bet). I’m just a good person, looking for a good woman. I am someone who cherishes a good warm relationship. A relationship that goes beyond the physical, and looks into the soul. The kind that makes you feel alive, and glad to be part of something so wonderful. Am I right for you? Who knows? Can’t be right for everyone, but if you want to feel wanted while giving the same in return, contact me. If you want to smile, to laugh, to just feel good about life itself, talk to me.
This 31 year old single male wants to find a meaningful relationship with someone over text messaging. How does one create a relationship that makes you feel alive and glad to be part of something wonderful by texting?  Dude FYI saying that my mom will love you more that I do is disturbing on so many levels. 
Is this what I am to expect from this site:
Maybe it’s me? Maybe I am the insane person because I refuse to conform to the online world of dating.  Am I the last of a dying breed because I believe people can get to know each other by talking face to face? No this must be the new way of dating for the 20 year olds that don’t know any better, but then I see a pic of some cute old fella that resembles my dad. Dad? Please say it ain’t so? When did you learn to text!?


  1. The "mom" part is really creepy!!

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