Why do the bad ones always return?

Hey Ladies,

Remember the guy I met at the bar in the summer who text messaged me to say he had a girlfriend but…

Well he has returned 5 months later with the following text message:

Nothing happened between us but a kiss and I would not have kissed him had I known about the girlfriend. I have no idea why he would think any girl would go for this and especially this girl because I have Self Esteem.

I  feel sorry for his girlfriend because she is dating is a loser that looks for booty calls whenever she goes away. I hope she soon sees his real character and finds someone worthy because he certainly is NOT!!

I did not respond to this, there is no need. I just hope he finally gets it and deletes my number because I deleted his after his first text.

Good Luck out there Gals!


  1. Remember the F.A.G guy? The guy who was schmuck enough to let you slip away? I think you worth grovelling for! Fabulous, Amazing, and Gorgeous!

  2. Why thank you..whoever you are. I just hope the next one that thinks of me steady is someone I think of steady. 🙂

  3. Can I try to be that "next one"?

  4. Can I take my grovelling off the blog 🙂 estefan.samuel@gmail.com

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