4th Annual Eat-Clean Diet® Makeover Challenge

Hey Ladies do you need some motivation to get in shape? Why not take the Eat-Clean Diet makeover challenge . You could win a trip to Toronto, a photo shoot and spread in Oxygen magazine, a feature on eatcleandiet.com, a one-hour in-person consult with Tosca Reno (my fitness hero and the women I want to be when I grow up) plus $3000!

Let us know if you enter we would love to follow your progress. I’m going to do it, I have dreams of one day being published in Oxygen Magazine and maybe this is my way of getting in there. Last time I checked they did not have a Single Gals workout struggles advice column (they totally should! I’d be more than happy to help out the readers like myself that read Oxygen Magazine while eating a burrito). All kidding aside I do have my certification in Holistic Nutrition but I am just an average gal looking to keep fit and healthy all while having the occasional beer with my occasional nachos.

Good Luck!

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