Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! It only happens once every four years so why not take advantage of this extra day in your calendar and try something new. Consider this day as a free pass to get out of your comfort zone or to indulge in your favourite guilty pleasure.

Here are some suggestions from the Single Gals team:

  1. Have Champagne for lunch..Actually I think it was a glass but hey if you want to have a liquid lunch DO IT!
  2. Ask a hottie out… some traditions allow women to propose to a man on Leap Day we think that is a little extreme;  asking them out is ballsy enough.
  3. Tell the truth for the day, no little white lies just the truth
  4. If you hate doing things alone take today to  go to a movie alone, or eat at a restaurant alone.
  5. Call up one of the guys on your standby list and set up a booty call

Whatever you do today have fun and if you did try something new, we’d love to hear all about it.







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