International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day! For over a 100 years we have celebrated women’s economic, political and social achievements on March 8th. Today is the day to tell all the women in your life that you love, respect and appreciation them. Women everyday are doing what needs to be done, whether fighting for their rights, fighting for the rights of others, taking care of their families or taking care of themselves, we do these things without expectation of praise or reward but today is the day to say “I appreciate you.”

I am grateful for the all the women in my life.  My mom who is the strongest women I know, she has survived breast cancer, kept our family together and built our strong family ties. She  never complained she just did what she felt had to be done.  My very close circle of girlfriends (old and new)  that have been through everything with me and will continue to be there no matter what life throws at us. My Single Gal pals that are always there for me and truly understand what is it like doing it on your own. My monthly dinner  pals we started out as co-workers but now we are friends for life. My sister-in-laws whom have given me the great  joy of  having two beautiful nieces and a nephew in my life and to all the other women that have influenced me over the years.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Be proud that you are a Women!





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