Happy Mother’s Day Mom…I wouldn’t be here without you!

Happy Mother’s Day to mom’s everywhere.

I am not a mother but having once been a teen and now looking back on those years; I know my mom had a tough job.

I use to think she did not understand me, that she was always picking on me but in reality she understood everything .She was just being a good mother and trying to protect me. If you think your mother doesn’t get you, you are wrong! She gets you better than anyone else, because you are little part of her. Ladies whether you like it or not it’s true “we all are our mothers”.

Thank you mom, for loving me, caring for me and being my mother and not a friend while I was growing up. Now you are my mom and friend, even though you did tell me I better not start smoking pot when I moved into my new hip midtown apartment (the mom) but you will drink wine with me and tell me stories that I could have gone to my grave without knowing (the friend) .

Thanks mom for your…


At the tender age of 16, I walked in on my parents ‘getting it on’, I was horrified. My mom later comes out and says to me “Well at least it was with your father, not some other man” then giggles. Yup that made it better.

Tough love:

At the age of 17 while I was hanging over my bed with my head in the scrub bucket praying for the good lord to take me away, you came into the room and ripped the dish rag off my head that Dad put there because he believed I had the stomach flu. You knew that I was hung over and you were having none of that. I believe you said “Your father is an idiot; I know you’re hung-over and no you are not dying but you will wish that you were. Let this be your lesson for drinking, and where did you get the booze?! I bet Dee (Lifelong friend and main partner in crime) had something to do with this.” However you did bring me dinner later that night. I wish I had learned my lesson that day about drinking too much but sadly it took a few more bucket head dunks before that happened.

And Strength:

At the age of 40 you were diagnosed with breast cancer, far too young and I know you must have been scared but I never saw that. You made sure life was normal at home, making sure we all were all at ease because you knew that me, Dad and the boys would be lost without you. To watch you go through that and come of it a survivor is my reminder not to sweat the little things.

Love you mom!

These are just some of the things that make my mom one of the greatest. What makes your mom great?

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