The new fashion must have…NOT!

Hey Gals,

Has it been a while since you’ve seen someone’s manly bits? Do you spend you days longing for a peek at a peen? Do you want to feel one resting on your legs, nestled in your ass crack and wedged up your juicy fruit jungle?

Well long no more! Fashion designer Bas Koster has created the ‘Is that a cock or you legs’ leggings. You can look at all different sizes, widths, and skin tones if you own these pants all for the low-cost of $119.00 Euro which is roughly $150.00 USD/CND.

I know you are probably wondering what shirt would you wear with this penis buffet, I too wondered that. I was thinking a white wife beater would pair well  but after some searching I discovered that designer Bas Kosher has taken care of that problem with this shirt:

Actually this shirt made me throw up a little in my mouth.

My question of the day is Who’s buying this stuff?

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