What do you do when the evils of the world get you down..

This week has been a very bizarre week for news coverage. First there was the man in Florida strung out on LSD who; rather than grab a bag of Doritos’s to curb his munchies decided he felt like a Manwich. Even more bizarre than that story; Psychic Nikki predicted this before it happened! Not her usual day after predictions. Yes she was mocked, and rightly so because you’re picturing said man-eater to look like this:

Or this:

You know she’s had her share of man meat in her mouth

The other big story of week is the Toronto native that sent a foot to parliament and posted a video of his murderous act online. Speaking of videos it turns out this same psychopath had posted a video a few years back where he put a couple of kittens in a plastic bag and sucked the air out. I’m no BAU expert but isn’t it in the Serial Killer 101 Manual that the first step is killing baby animals? This was one story that I wish I have never read.

Even more heinous is people are watching this video, seriously what has happened to our society. Are the days of googling “Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape over”? Ok maybe THOSE days are over.

Have we become so desensitized that watching an actual murder is what it takes to peak our interest? What are the odds that the media will put these stories to rest any time soon? Zero to none is my guess.

I don’t know about you but I am done with hearing about these macabre happenings. This weekend I plan to watch season two of the Big C on Netflix’s and avoid reading and watching anything that the media has to offer. Maybe I will google the ‘Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape’ I think it should make a comeback!

How do you cope when the evils of the world get you down?


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