It’s Flashback Friday and recently I have been thinking of grungy Rock Stars…

Last week I met up with a friend that I have not seen in while, and the one thing we both love to talk about is music; specifically Metal, Rock and Alternative. We are both fascinated with the Rock N Roll scene and lifestyle. I think he secretly wants to be a Rock Star and I’m on the cusp of wanting to be a Rock Star and wanting to do a Rock Star. Hmm I don’t like hard liquor nor would I ever consider doing hard-core drugs. I guess I would suck at being a Rock Star; so it’s best I just do one.

All that rock talk got me thinking about long-haired hotties and about the first time I saw the video for  Nirvana’s  ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. I loved Kurt Cobain and I wanted more than anything to be one of the cheerleaders in that video. I loved the black outfits, the hair flying everywhere and the tattoos.  I thought they were badass and I wanted to be badass.  I don’t think I’ve become badass but I know I could kick their cheerleading butts in a head banging competition.

So here is your Flashback yummo Mr. Kurt Cobain

And for old times’ sake let’s watch Smells Like Teen Spirit and bang your head like it’s 1991.

Long live Rock N Roll!

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