Dreaming of sun, sand and surf school…My surfing vacation

Recently I’ve been dreaming of surf school and I think maybe it’s time for another surfing vacation. Back in the winter of 2011 I spent a week at Safari Surf School in Nosara, Costa Rica. When we had arrived we were shown to our rooms and told to grab our bathing suits because our first lesson was going to start in 20 minutes.

We suit up, grab our boards and head for the beach with Nico our super cute surfing instructor. We placed bets as to who will get injured first; it was a general consensus that it would be me. Just because I gave myself a black eye snowboarding does not mean I am accident prone…does it? Well sure enough about ½ hour into our lesson I get hit in the face with my surf board and cut my lip open, but that did not stop me from finishing my lesson.

It is hard out there fighting the waves, paddling, and trying to get up on your board. You will be able to stand up on your board in your first lesson and depending on your balance you may even ride the waves. However for me it took most of the week before I actually rode waves, but I was okay with that. The instructors were all so great and patient; they never once made me feel like I am wasting my time.  Prado kept cheering me on and that motivated to keep trying. Enrique with his patience and over all Zen presence also made you feel at ease. Then we had Ricardo, we teased him about being a Nazi surf instructor because he made us do numerous pop-ups. My legs were like jello, but sure enough I was better the next day and it was easier for me to stand up on my board (Thanks Ricardo).

All the instructors are truly unique and wonderful; my surfing experience would not have been the same without them. Even with a board in the face I loved it! I did not become a surfing diva by the end of it but I did learn to love the experience and will try surfing again.

Me riding the waves

If you have a vacation coming up and would like a life changing experience I highly recommend Safari Surf School. Not only will you have the thrill of riding waves but you will also meet some truly amazing people.

Surfs Up!

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