Are you overlooking someone?

A few weeks back I had a conversation with a friend’s parents (Roxy and The Big V) in which they said ‘Ok, Kiddo why are you still single?” Since their daughter and one of my BFF”s (formerly known on this blog as Single Chick) is currently in relationship land and they can sleep at night; now it is me that they inquire about.

Roxy asked me if there was someone right under my nose that I am over looking. I thought about it and sadly there is no one sniffing around my door. You see Single Chick had someone right under her nose, and he was very forward about his feelings for her. It took her some time (numerous bad dates) to realize that what she was looking for was right in front of her. They have been together as a couple for just over a year and are very happy.

Also my friend Gabbers who has been married for 10 years was friends with her hubby. He had made it clear that he liked her but she did not think they were a good match and should just be friends. Finally he got tired of hearing about her dates and told her they should be together. He then kissed her and they have been together ever since.

Next is Deeeelicious who is now living with the man the patiently waited almost two years for her to realize that they should be together. He too told her he wanted more than friendship but she said they should just be friends. Then on New Year’s Eve he grabbed her and kissed her; now they own a home together.

I have men in my life but I do not have someone on the sidelines vying for my love like Single Chick, Gabbers or Deeelicious. Or if I do he has not informed me of this but I can’t even fathom anyone in my current circle longing for my affections.

Guys if you are ‘that guy’ waiting for the girl of your dreams to take notice, follow in the footsteps of the men mentioned above. Grab your gal pal, kiss her and tell her you’ve had enough and if she doesn’t want you then you will leave her alone; you are done waiting! You have about a 90% chance of success, that’s  better than the 0% that you have right now.

I do not have someone who I’m pushing away with claims of ‘we are better off friends’; do you? Is there someone patiently waiting for you to realize that the two of you, are meant to be together? If so what’s holding you back?

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