Italian sun-dried tomatoes…What do I do with them?

Back in April I went to Italy and the tomatoes all tasted like they were fresh from the garden. Queen B and I had Bruschetta with every meal to ensure that we got some Italian tomatoes. Since I’m not allowed to bring back fresh produce I purchased a bag of sun-dried tomatoes but I have no idea what to do with them.

I’m hoping that my interweb peeps will be able to give me suggestions on how these ruby gems should be used. Remember I am the girl who was told to marry rich because of my lack of apparent domestic skills, therefore recipes need to be easy and fire proof.



  1. delpiero1234 says:

    Here in Italy we put the sun-dried tomtatos in a jar filled with olive-oil. Then you can add a little bit of chili, rosemary, pine-nuts, black pepper, and maybe a bit of garlic.
    In order for the sun-dried tomatoes to taste better I’d recommend that you first add all the tomatotes into a pot filled with water. Then let it all boil. Once boiled the are sweeter and less salty.
    Let the tomatoes cool off and dry them before putting them in the jar where they should rest 1-2 weeks (always in the fridge). Very important that the olive oil covers up all tomatoes in the jar!
    After that you can eat them right away or make pesto rosso (pesto alla Siciliana) with them.
    If you try it out then let me know how it worked out 🙂 It’s simple to do

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