Men wearing flip flops with jeans … Hate it or love it?

Its summer, it’s hot! I get the need to cool down, but a guy wearing flip-flops with jeans is a BIG fashion NO. Well that and the half shoe..WTF is that all about? Guys spend the extra money and buy the whole shoe, you’ll be glad you did.

Flips flops and jeans just do not go together in my world; especially if you do not live remotely close to a beach / major body of water or on a date. Seriously, we do not need to see your gnarly toes hanging over your flip-flops on a first date. Wear your flip-flops with cargo shorts, swim trunks and your Capris (however that should be the least of your concerns if you are a grown man wearing Capris, just sayin). Guys if you just asked yourself  “What are Capris?” I have three words for you … “How YOU doin’?”

There are only two times when jeans and flips are allowed, if you fit into either of these categories feel free to wear your flip-flops:

  1. You are Matthew McConaughey
  2. You are a shirtless bronzed surfing god wearing your baggy jeans rolled up than YES you can wear flip-flops (Oh wait isn’t that the same as #1). Actually this look is greatly appreciated and is even acceptable on a date….Call me

How do you feel about men wearing flip-flops with jeans? Is this acceptable to you? Do you like the look?

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