It’s all about me…Whateves it’s gonna be my birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday, I don’t normally get excited about turning another year older but I think it’s gonna be a good day.

I started celebrating  last night with some beers on Remy’s rooftop patio with Queen B.

Today I am having a delicious greasy pizza for lunch with my co-worker

 I plan to leave work early to go shopping for new boots:

Tomorrow my day is going to be as follows:

11am – 1pm – Muay Thai class (got to work off my greasy pizza)

4:30 – 5pm  –  The Edge Walk at the CN Tower (if I survive pictures and video will be posted)


5:30 until the wee hours of the morning me and the Gals will be celebrating life.

The day after I will spend the day on the sofa watching chick flicks thanking god that I only have one birthday a year.

If you have a birthday coming up, use it as an excuse to do what you want, eat what you want and purchase what you want. Our birthdays are the ony day that is especially for us. So why not make it all about YOU.

What are you going to do on the day of your birth?



  1. Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!!! With a few beers and some good company of course … 😉

  2. Excellent My Girlee, -Sounds likea super day/nite planned! I will be thinking about ya! Cheers My Friend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love Me

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