101 Things in 1001 days …UPDATE

Here are some of the items I have completed:

64) – Go through my closet and get rid of old clothes – 2 Garbage bags and a small suitcase full, the cat stays

57) – Donate old clothes to charity

69) See a live taping of a TV show

On Thursday May 24, 2012 I knocked #69  off the list– Since I am a Canadian gal that lives in Toronto I chose to see a taping of the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show.

George Strombo is a bit of a local celebrity here in the T Dot and truly one hell of a guy. I met him a few years ago at the International Motorcycle Show. I was dressing up Jay from Bite TV’s The Conventioneers in leather chaps so he stopped to help out.  Here is the clip (we are at the 6 minute mark). I know a shameless plug on my part to push my 15 minutes of not so famous fame.

71) – Buy a new car

On May 26, 2012 I picked up my new 2012 Honda Civic  with leather seats and tinted windows.

66)Go on a date

I probably should have been more specific here..but I did go on a date with a low talker so that knocks this off my list.

74) – Do something out of my comfort zone

Saturday August 25, 2012 I did the CN Tower Edge Walk. Since I am afraid of heights this is definitely out of my comfort zone.  The hardest part for me was hanging my toes over the edge and looking down. This got my heart rate up through the roof, but I kept it together. It is truly an amazing experience, I highly recommend that you add this to your Life List, Bucket List, or 101 Things List.




Buddha Bank Total is now $140.00

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