Did Brad Pitt lose his man card?

The other night while mindlessly watching the boob tube, I see the ever beautiful Mr. Pitt on my screen. This causes me to sit up straight with the girls thrusted out and standing at full attention. Yes boys this is the effect that Brad Pitt has on the female population.  Turns out  Brab Pitt is in the new Chanel N°5 commercial. This ad is 30 seconds of Brad Pitt looking at the screen (or in my mind looking at me) with his bedroom eyes. It’s 30 seconds of my mind running wild with Brad Pitt filled fantasies, 30 seconds out of reality. Thank you Chanel N°5!

I realize there are men out there that feel Brad Pitt has sold out and has given up his man card because of this commercial. Guys you are wrong! If he can provoke most of the female population to have lurid fantasies about him in 30 seconds to me that is a solid grounds for keeping your man card. Don’t be a hater, beside this commercial is not geared towards the male population. YES it is promoting Chanel fragrance for men, but it will be women lining up in department stores buying this for the men in their lives thinking if her man can’t look like Brad Pitt he may as well smell like him.




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