Flashback Friday with Tom Selleck

In honor of Movember and Flashback Friday’s  I thought we should pay tribute to the one man who has always rocked “The Stache” over the decades. He was handsome back than and is now sexy silver fox. Besides can you think of another man who can rock ‘The Stache’ AND  short shorts.




  1. That’s it!!! I’m breaking out and bringing back the male short – shorts this weekend …

    • If you do please do not tell anyone that my blog post inspired you… I can’t be held responsible for the return of the male short-shorts. However I think you should bring back the shorty jean shorts to go with your unplanned, unpredictable and all natural stache. 🙂

  2. Lisa R from the UK says:

    Ah be still my beating heart….. OH has packed away the shaving foam and razor for the month…. ah Tom… where are you when i need you 😉

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