The mirror… friend or foe?

A few months ago in my Muay Thai class we had to practice sparring in front of the mirror.  I was off to the side, when my instructor came over and said “Nat you are never in front of the mirror” I mumbled some lame excuse that there was no room. But the cold hard truth is … I hate the mirror. I use one every day and I have no issue with the face that stares back at me, but when it comes to looking at my full image I cringe.

Yes I am the girl who is always at the back of the yoga, aerobic or spin class, the reason I stay at the back of the class is so that I do not have to see myself.  I am aware that I have body issues as my nudist drum teacher kindly pointed out (no we do not have our drum lessons in the nude, that would be ALL kinds of bad naked). I know that these issues are ALL created by me. It’s sad really and what’s even more heartbreaking is that I am not alone.  I know that there are many women out there that have a distorted mirror image of themselves which leads to the big question “How do WE change this?”

You could go to the extreme like Kjerstin Gruys  who decided to go without mirrors for a year. She went without looking in a mirror to prove that her obsession with her looks, youth and weight was not going to rule her life. It was her attempt to save her self-esteem.

I do not believe that avoiding the mirror is the answer to saving your self-esteem.  The mirror is not our enemy it is our mindset. In order to change how we look in the mirror we need to change what we think of ourselves.  We will never like ourselves if we do not learn to love ourselves. We all have this great capacity to love, we love others some people are worthy while some aren’t yet we cannot love the one person in our lives that we should love the most and that is ourselves.

I have recently embraced the mirror, okay not embrace but I starting to become friends with my nemesis.  I do stand in front of it during my Muay Thai class, some days I do better than others but my issues did not happen overnight so getting to that place of acceptance will take a while. I also prance around in my gitch while getting ready for work; yes the curtains are closed so I am not putting on a peep show for my neighbours.   I figure if I can get comfortable being exposed and letting my bits wiggle and jiggle, I will not notice them anymore. I also look in the full length mirror everyday and compliment myself just to keep the positive love towards me flowing. Eventually saying good things will become the norm.

Ladies I going to challenge you all to do the same, guys you can join in as well. Every day for the next month dance/prance/strut around in your gitch then stand in front of the mirror and compliment yourself.  As soon as you start to get negative thoughts walk away. Increase that time in front of the mirror until you can stand there for a full 2 minutes without one negative thought.

Will you take the challenge?

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