I love a man with tattoo’s

Today’s Yummo is professional basketball player Denver Nuggets Chris Andersen. I get that he is an acquired taste, but there is something hot about this tattooed giant.


The Bears!

Today’s Yummo Robbie Gould is the place kicker for the Chicago Bear.

Will his marriage last…

Today’s Yummo is NBA player Kris Humphries, but he is probably better known to the ladies as Kim Kardashian’s hubby.


Today’s Yummo is former NHL’er Wade Belak. He was a regular on The Dean Blundell show and I loved his interviews. He was funny, charming and just seemed like an all around great guy. Yesterday he was found dead in a downtown hotel due to suicide.


Today’s Yummo’s are twins Ronde and Tiki Barber. Ronde plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tiki plays for the New York Giants.

Is this Jessica Simpsons new squeeze?

Today Yummo is Washington Redskins backup quarterback Colt Brennan.

Are all Quarterbacks hot?

Today;s Yummo is Denver Bronco’s quaterback Brady Quinn.

This man is smokin’ ..way to go Gisele

Today’s Yummo is Tom Brady.

I’d like to bounce a quarter of his back

Today’s Yummo is the Quaterback for the Houston Texans.

NFL Hottie week

Today’s Yummo is Jason Taylor a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins.

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