Twi-Hards everywhere just got dose of real life..Welcome to reality

So I’m not a Twi-Hard and don’t really care about Kristen Stewart of Robert Pattinson but the media attention surrounding Stewart’s cheating scandal got me thinking.  I am not a cheater and I don’t condone the behavior of Stewart or Rupert Saunders, but I have a problem with how this is playing out in the media. Why are the women always portrayed as the vixen who lured an innocent helpless man? Why is nobody asking why a 41 year-old married father of 2 is pursuing a 22 year-old women? Oh yeah, I forgot we live in a double standard world where we throw stones at girls/women who stray but are supposed to forgive the men who do.

Don’t get me wrong, I also understand that millions are at stake. Stewart single handedly ruined a book/movie franchise that is counting on young girls thinking they can be the next Bella. If you have sat through any of the movies or read any of the books, I think poking pencils in your eyes would be less painful, but may just be me.

For the record I think Stewart and Saunders are equally at fault and if their partners take them back it is there choice not ours.

For all the Twi-Hards reading this, love does exist, sometimes it has bumps and hopefully you don’t get cheated on. Although people like me are looking for a romantic comedy, the reality is, people make mistakes, you either live with them or you don’t. I wouldn’t but that’s because the trust would be gone, for others this isn’t the case. There isn’t a right or wrong answer, it’s personal and it’s your choice. What would you do?

Stop the excuses Tiger….

I don’t really care for celebrity. I do read gossip blogs but it comes more from being bored and for the simple fact that I feel the need to keep up to date with the “going’s on” in our twisted celebrity obsessed world. Plus I am truly amused by it and actually find myself wondering are these people for real? Do they believe the sh*t they spew or is it for the benefit of the media and/or fans? Either way I find it quite entertaining.

I recently read that Tiger Woods is going to wear a Buddhist bracelet that is supposed to provide “strength and protection”. Really a bracelet is going to do all that? Honestly if it was so easy I think we would all be subscribing to that program. Don’t get me wrong, I am not mocking the Buddhist faith, I just find it quite sad that people will find any excuse to justify their actions. In Tiger’s case he blames the fact he quit meditating, he quit being a Buddhist, and life turned upside down for him. I know a lot of people who have lost faith in “God”, “Buddha”, “Allah” whoever but they didn’t become whores.

I do believe that faith helps, my philosophy is that you should use what works for you as long as it’s not to the detriment of others. I just hate that people don’t take responsibility for their actions. It’s easy to blame your faith, your parents, your bullying etc….but you know what everyone has a brain, you should know right from wrong and if you cared for yourself and others you would be a decent, respectful human being. You know what I think Tiger? I think you still would have been a whore even if you kept your faith. You thought you were above things, you had no respect for your wife or kids or yourself and you were a grade A a*shole.

Let’s call a spade a spade, because when you truly know yourself it doesn’t matter what you’re presented with you will do the right thing.

Queen B

Jessie James and Sandra Bullock is there hope…

The recent Jessie James and Sandra Bullock scandal has shaken the Single Gals camp. I hate celebrity gossip, I have no interest in who’s dating who, and who has a bump or doesn’t have a bump. The one celebrity relationship that I did have interest in was Sandra and Jessie. Sandra seems sweet and down to earth, she gushed about Jessie in interviews it was obvious that she was in love. Of all the celebrity couples out there they seemed the most real and likely to last forever, they were very low profile and happy together. It was a nice fusion of bad boy meets cute funny girl next door however it now seems Jessie is a true bad boy after all.

I received an e-mail from Single Chick saying ‘This Jesse James and Sandra thing is really bothering me…I feel so sad. Are there no good men left in this world?” Single Chick I feel your pain, and I know how much you liked them as a couple because Jessie was the kind of guy we both hoped to get one day. Now that dream seems to have been shattered but we need to remember that they live in the land of Celebrity. As normal as their lives may seem they are not, how can you have a ‘Normal’ (whatever that means) life when you are constantly watched. I feel for Sandra, as a women who has had her heart broken I can only imagine what she is going through and she has to do it publicly, that is truly awful! However we cannot let this get us down, or lose faith in finding a good man. They are out there, I believe that, just look at some of the amazing men that our friends have found. There is André, who supports ‘V” in everything the she does, Andy who is an amazing dad and loves his family to no end and Neil who is hard working, and who’s dream is to be able to work from home to play with his kids. The list goes on, our friends have managed to find good men, so they are out there!! Don’t give up hope my friend I haven’t…….Yet.

This scandal does prompt me to ask,Why do seemingly happy people in good relationships, mess them up with affairs? Are they seeking excitement? Is it really just about sex? Can’t you have thrilling sex with someone you love? Why do people that want numerous lovers bother marrying? Why are all these married people hooking up, when I a Single Gal cannot get a date?????

Hopeful in TO

2009 Sexiest Man Alive is….

Hey Ladies,

People Magazine has announced the 2009 Sexiest Man Alive and this year goes to one of our absolute Faves…Mr. Johnny Depp


Single Gal

Daisy of Love

I have recently become obsessed with Daisy of Love. It is so messed up and surreal. Daisy is a former Rock of Love contender and was a finalist vying for Brett Michaels love. Alas, Brett chose Amber and left Daisy broken hearted. Daisy is now over Brett and lookin for love. At first I thought she was too dumb to function, but her overly bleached blonde hair, restylane injected lips and silicone boobs kind of grow on you. She is cute in a pug sort of way.

Oddly enough the dudes that are fighting for Daisy’s love are strangely appealing. It is a mixed bag of nuts. You have these big muscle bound beasts that could lift you up and have you against the wall before you knew what hit you (HOT!). There’s also the tormented musician, he is broke, living on someone’s sofa and struggling to get by. Then you have the overly tattooed, pierced, dysfunctional dudes and yet they are all very sexy.

There I was thinking that Daisy had issues, yet I am the one who is watching and trying to decide who I would pick. Would it be Flex, with his bulging biceps and killer abs? Would it be Cage, the tattooed fighter with the abusive father and alcoholic mother? Or would it be London, the homeless musician without a guitar? What is so appealing about guys who don’t have their shit together, that are angry and sensitive all at the same time? Is it because we think we can save them that we are attracted to them? If we did save them would we still want them? Or at the end of the day maybe we women are not that different from men. Breasts make some men stupid and if you show us a bulging pair of biceps, then all sense and reason goes out the window.

Single Gal

The Fountain of Youth.

Here is the latest issue of Life & Style Weekly on newsstands now. My first reaction was AS IF!!! I seriously do not believe Angelina is worrying about getting old or losing movie roles to a younger “clone of herself”. First, she is too busy adopting half the third world and as a friend stated when hearing this “I highly doubt that Angelina is sitting there thinking she needs to play Shia LeBoeuf’s girlfriend in a Transformers movie. Really that is redonkulous!” I’m not sure why people buy these magazines because I think they just cause insecurities. If Angelina is worried about getting old what’s the average gal gonna do? Since getting older is a fact of life why don’t they start promoting the art of growing old gracefully? What happened to seeing the beauty in laugh lines or the wisdom behind those wrinkles? You don’t get wrinkles without learning a few things along the way. The North American culture fights so hard against aging. We all want to be 20 forever and we have no respect for the elderly or what they could teach us but instead are more focused on our “deep wrinkles” and “crows feet”. The saddest thing about this story is they will rerun it with a million different angles for weeks to come and even though we are smart gals, eventually it will start to seep into our subconscious and we’ll be contemplating botox before we know it. Because if Angie’s worrying, then so should we. It is a constant struggle to find the fountain of youth and ladies; I am going to share it with you. The secret to the fountain of youth is WATER! There is no special fountain to get water, any fountain will do as long as there is water coming out of it. Well I guess I should go put on my Olay Definity Night Restorative Sleep Cream (Diminishes hyperpigmentation, discoloration PLUS wrinkles for luminous skin). Hey, it’s the least this average gal can do or I may get pushed off the sidewalk to make room for a younger version.

Single Gal

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