Men wearing flip flops with jeans … Hate it or love it?

Its summer, it’s hot! I get the need to cool down, but a guy wearing flip-flops with jeans is a BIG fashion NO. Well that and the half shoe..WTF is that all about? Guys spend the extra money and buy the whole shoe, you’ll be glad you did.

Flips flops and jeans just do not go together in my world; especially if you do not live remotely close to a beach / major body of water or on a date. Seriously, we do not need to see your gnarly toes hanging over your flip-flops on a first date. Wear your flip-flops with cargo shorts, swim trunks and your Capris (however that should be the least of your concerns if you are a grown man wearing Capris, just sayin). Guys if you just asked yourself  “What are Capris?” I have three words for you … “How YOU doin’?”

There are only two times when jeans and flips are allowed, if you fit into either of these categories feel free to wear your flip-flops:

  1. You are Matthew McConaughey
  2. You are a shirtless bronzed surfing god wearing your baggy jeans rolled up than YES you can wear flip-flops (Oh wait isn’t that the same as #1). Actually this look is greatly appreciated and is even acceptable on a date….Call me

How do you feel about men wearing flip-flops with jeans? Is this acceptable to you? Do you like the look?

Spring/Summer Fashion Fix

So it’s another change of season (or so they have been telling us) which means that it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. The change of season is the hardest when it comes to picking out the right outfit, mainly because the days are warm but the nights tend to be cooler. As I have mentioned before layer and layer well….I like scarves because they keep you warm and can go with pretty much anything, for spring look for lighter or brighter shades.

Another great item for the season are flats, always fun, comfortable and versatile, you can’t go wrong with a great pair (me, I splurged on Burberry’s, it was my treat to myself, along with the other items I said were a treat, oops!)…To kick it up a notch this season go for wedges as they are back in a big way….if you’re not a stiletto type of girl then the wedge is a great alternative, think sexy with function.

As with this time of year, white is big as are neutrals….for you ladies that love black (me, me, me) try to lighten up a bit, trust me I know it’s hard but in the dead of summer, having a colour that reflects light instead of attracting it is a good thing.

Short shorts are in for summer but keep these out of the workplace and save them for evenings out and weekends, to dress them up a bit wear your new wedges or some cute flats.

Remember to dress for your body type and not necessarily what the styles are….adjust as necessary and have fun with it….

Queen B

Golden Globes

Being the fashion junkie that I am, I love the key awards shows one being the Golden Globes the other being the Oscars. Of course I like knowing if the movies/tv shows etc…that I love are there but my true desire is to see what people are wearing and what we will be seeing in toned down versions in real life. The Globes did not disappoint and it seems most people stepped it up this year.

The colour trends were diverse, think black, nude, greens and red and the styles went from over the top to sleek and stylish. Some of my favourites included Mila Kunis, January Jones, Sophia Vergara and Olivia Wilde. Some of my not so favourites included Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock. Some people may include Helena Bonham Carter on this list, but she’s quirky and if you’re expecting cookie cutter from her you’re living in a different world.

As for the men the black tie and suits were fine and some of my favourites included Jon Hamm, Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp (just because he’s so cool) and Christian Bale because he’s British and his speech was fantastic. As for the men I didn’t like well since they are wearing suits nobody did anything that made me think what the f*ck was he thinking so I’ll say they all pass.

I love the colour black and I’m so glad it was presented in full force as to me it’s always the go to shade. With that said seeing all the green and red on the carpet has now got me thinking that I need to get out there and shop. It’s really not a bad idea considering the spring trends are showing vibrant shades in all hues. After this winter we may need a little colour in our lives so think flashy and long.

Queen B

White Boots

Yes I know I’m in the 80’s but I happened across a pair of white boots in a store and not a store that I would ever imagine shopping at, as it is an odd old women’s, lost your sanity, not quite knowing what it is type of store. Anyway I was feeling nostalgic or delirious (the jury is still out) about getting them which I never did because I wasn’t sure if I could wear the boots or whether the boots would be wearing me. For those of you that don’t know the latter is not good.

With your clothes choices you have to remember that you should be wearing the clothes and the clothes should not be wearing you. What I mean by this is that the clothes you wear should make a statement but you are the ultimate statement and your clothes should never overrun you, if they do make new clothes choices.

The easiest way to know that you are the one wearing the clothes and not the reverse, is if you feel comfortable, relaxed, at ease and not fussed about things. If you aren’t feeling these things chances are your clothes are wearing you.

Happy Friday

Queen B


I know it’s wrong to judge people but when it comes to clothing I say that sometimes people need a slap a tap or a shake because their choices boggle the mind. Living in Toronto I know it’s hard to dress for the spring weather as things change day by day and even hour by hour, but really when you’re wearing a parka with open toe shoes and no socks that should tell you something.

I want to give you all the best advice you’ve ever gotten on how to dress for spring….layer….it’s really not a new idea, it’s actually my recommendation for all seasons….But more so for spring when you’re getting up to 2C and it’s warming to 18C during the day. All you have to do is take off more clothes to adjust to the temperature that suits you.

Common sense is lacking when people dress for spring. I think everyone should consider the following things: What are you dressing for? What is the weather like and what will it be like during the day? What shoes are you planning to wear? And above all else, is the overall outfit appropriate. It’s really not that hard, it’s quite simple in fact and yes, I like everyone else make mistakes but the one thing I do know is that at least I try.

Queen B

What to wear? Spring fashion tips.

I love fashion, I have always loved fashion, I read magazines, I watch people on the street, I have watched Fashion Television since I can remember and I of course love to shop. If you know me you’ll know that I’m diverse in what I like to wear. Sometimes I’m very girly, girl, sometimes I’m professional, sometimes it’s flirty and other times casual cool. I can dress up and dress down with the best of them.

The advise I will give you all is to know your body, accept your body, love your body and work with your body in the clothes you buy. You don’t have to buy the most expensive items out there but you should buy quality pieces that will last for years. Remember your clothes are an investment and they should work for you not against you.

Since it’s spring I’m going to give you my top 5 tips on what I think every girl should have in their closet.

Tip #1: A great pair of spring/summer jeans. The reason I say spring/summer jeans is because sometimes the denim on your jeans is too thick and isn’t going to work during the warm days of spring. So find yourself a great lighter denim that fits you properly and you’re good to go.
Note: The trend this season (again) is ripped jeans I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot on an expensive pair of ripped jeans but a cheaper pair that works on you is a good trendy piece.
Tip #2: White. I love white, I don’t wear enough white and I should because I’ve got a great skin tone for it. Anyway I digress what I recommend is that you have some great white tops, dresses, skirts, shorts and/or shoes (flats preferably) that are white. It is spring and even if you don’t have a tan, your natural spring/summer glow makes white pop.
Tip #3: A great pair of shorts. I love shorts, and what you have to remember about shorts is that you need to understand your body. A great walking short can work for almost anyone, to dress up, put on some heels, a great top and some banging accessories. To dress it down change to a more casual shoe and top. If you are opting for a shorter short, remember to make it look classy and not trashy. Wear a flatter shoe during the day and switch to heels at night to dress up the look.
Note: The trend this season is the shortest shorts around, while I don’t recommend this look for most people, if you have legs that are hot and go for miles, work it.
Tip #4: A great dress. All good wardrobes need to have a great spring/summer dress. The dress doesn’t need to be all girly but you should look feminine in the dress. If you are not the girly type opt for a more structured wrap dress or shirt dress. I love dresses in the summer for many reasons, not the least of which is the quick transfer from day to evening with shoe and accessory changes.
Tip #5: Flats. Victoria Beckham may live in 5 inch heels but some of us enjoy walking the streets in the summer. So having a great, funky flat shoe that is stylish but comfortable is a must. There are so many options available with skins (think snake, real not fake) and textures that you are sure to find something you like.

Fashion is fun and unpredictable and whimsical enjoy it.

Queen B

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