Sinful thoughts and a visit to see the pope…

Today’s Hump Day Hunk Lorenzo Zanirato is sure to evoke some very sinful thoughts which is great timing for my visit to the vatican today.

The ruins of Pompeii and Italian models can life get any better…

It’ Monday …What are your Plans today? I will be wondering the ruins of Pompeii…why yes I am in Italy  and today’s Monday Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is Italian model Raffaele de Rossi. Enjoy!

Sex in the city hottie meets 2 Broke Girls..

Today’s Monday Mmmmmmmmmmmm is model Noah Mills. It seems he is slowly making his way into acting, his recent gig being 2 Broke Girls.

Sorry ladies he’s gay, but we can still look and drool

It’s Hump Day!  The Hump Day Hunk is model Matt Schiermeier.

I want to hug and squeeze him

Today’s Yummo is model Allen Walker.

Teen Wolf’s hunky bad boy

Today’s Yummo is Colton Haynes

The new face of Nivea for men

Today’s Yummo is model Oren Wilkes

Juan Carlos "Jake" Leveriza Cuenca

Today’s Yummo is Jake Cuenca.

Hot days of summer

Today’s Yummo is model Domenique Melchior.

6′ 3" dark blonde with hazel eyes…

Today’s Yummo is model Chris Moore.

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