This rocker turns 45 today..

Today’s Famous Birthday Yummo is John Rzeznik singer of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Jay Z is celebrating his Birthday today…

Today’s Yummo Jay Z is celebrating his 41st birthday.

Let’s bring sexy back

Today’s Yummo is Justin Timberlake. I watched him on the season finale of SNL with Lady Gaga and he was awesome as usual. What makes him so appealing is his sense of fun and charm.

This Yummo is for my mom

Today’s Yummo is Country Singer Tim McGraw.

He is an American actor and singer/songwriter of Native American descent.

Today’s Yummo is Christian Kane.

I love dark hair and light eyes..awesome

Today’s Yummo is Weston Cage. Yup this is the son of Nicolas Cage.

I guess I forgive him for unleasing Bieber into the world…

Today’s Yummo is Usher. I find his head a little small for his body, but than again maybe my head is to big for mine. He does have great abs however.

Flashback Fridays

Today’s Yummo is Lenny Kravitz. Gos this man is all kinds of sexy and just get better and better.



What is it about guys like this …

Today’s Yummo is Ville Valo….Finnish singer, songwriter and frontman of the Finnish rock band HIM.

He’s a jack of all trades

Today’s Yummo is a American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer and actor Trey Songz.

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