Gabby’s Story..

This year is my tenth anniversary and my husband and I wanted to do something special.  We each decided to get a tattoo that represented this milestone as well as incorporating our own meanings.  I decided to get 10 daisies, representing each year we’ve been married, as well as being my favourite flower and signifying that like the daisy, I too am resilient, wild and cheerful and I wanted a little bit of flow and lightness added in there and that I left up to my artist, Leah Miller (  My two other Japanese tattoos she also incorporated into this masterpiece and I think the piece as a whole is incredible.  Not only did she exceed my expectations, but she also put her artistry of what I had in my mind into a work of art that will forever be with me.  I truly am so happy with my tattoo and what it means to me. 

Sophie’s Tattoo..

The tattoo is actually my first name, in Japanese letters (or Chinese? I can never remember!)… I figured if there’s anything that will always mean something to me, that was it!! I’m thinking of getting another tattoo of doggie paws, possibly on my shoulder-blade, just because I love dogs, but I still haven’t decided for sure to go through with it.

Jade and Bri’s Story…

It’s all of my family’s astrology signs. My dad is Aries, which are the horns in the front, my sister is Aquarius which is the wave in the middle. My mom is Gemini which is the Roman numeral two in the background and I am cancer the 69 symbol at the bottom.

I have also included my boyfriend Bri’s tattoo which is on his arm because it’s kind of a cute story. He got that tattoo from a statue he saw when he was on a trip with me and my two girlfriends in Amsterdam (the best trip of our lives!). His whole arm is dedicated to the trip and on the inside of his arm you can see he got each of our initials Jade-Stacie-Rachel.

The tattoo artist that did Jades tattoo was Jay from Sinful Inflictions in Whitby and Bri’s was done by Lisa also from Sinful Inflictions.

Nat’s Story…

These two dogs are very special to me; they both came into my life when I needed them most. I had adopted Yoda my pug when he was 8 years old, his owner could no longer care for him she loved him but circumstances in her life had lead to her having to give him up. It was love at first site for me, and little did I know he would be my saving grace to help me get over a very long term relationship. He was there every night when I cried. He didn’t judge, he just loved me unconditionally. We had 2.5 years together before he passed away. He had a stroke on our way up north one summer. I had taken him to the vets, they convinced me he would pull through so I left him over night to go to our camp site. They called me the next morning telling me he would not make it, I rushed to get there but he died before I arrived. I was devastated because all I wanted to do was be there for his final moment, like he had been there for me.  I still carry guilt for ever leaving him behind, it comes and goes and I may never truly forgive myself but I have learned to deal with it. He is one scar on my heart that may never completely heal.

Then came Shmoo  my beautiful boxer they say we have soul mates well Shmoo was my soul dog,  the moment I held him in my arms I knew he was mine. We had 4.5 years together, we had gone through so much (that is a whole other story in itself) . When I got him as a puppy I was living in my parent’s basement, so he was in an environment where there was always someone around. Then when he was 4, I moved to an apartment in a very nice dog friendly neighbourhood. I thought this was going to be a great move for the two of us, I was so excited. My own space a beautiful dog park for Shmoo, can life gets any better?  Shmoo hated it, he would bark all day and cry, I got complaints from the landlord and was even threatened that I would get evicted. I put him in doggie daycare during the day but I was slowly going broke, I also brought him to a trainer to help with this, I tried everything I could think of.

Then one day I realized either I move back home or I have to find Shmoo a new home where he will be surrounded by people.  I cannot express how hard it was to come to that conclusion. I did find him a home with a family friend, with kids and where someone was home all day. He was happy there but not long after being in their care he died, no fault of anyone’s but when I heard the news I was devastated once again I let another animal down. I was on my way to a major depression when I started the Single Gals web site it was the only thing that could keep my mind off of Shmoo. That stopped me from playing the cruel game of “What if I did this, or tried that” I still cannot talk about Shmoo without tears and some days I am convinced that I may never be able to. I have however stopped trying to figure out why I had to go through this when I had gone through so much to get to a happy place. Slowly I think he had to leave me so I can pursue the path I am on now and one day I hope to build a place for dogs in his honour.  My tattoo is my way of having my furry loved ones back where they belong……….with me.
The artist was Rob from Sinful Inflictions  (905) 430-9840     

Toni’s Story…

I wanted to do a memorial portrait for the loss of my Grandmother, Grandfather, Uncle and my cat Vega. I decided to get these Mexican sugar skulls, each representing a person and a pet

Sugar skulls are used in Mexico, where on the Day of the Dead (November 1st and 2nd ) they bring flowers and sugar skulls to the cemetery to decorate the tombs. This holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray and remember friends and family members who have died. The Day of the Dead is a time of celebration, and partying is common.
Got it at Tat-a-rama by Eugene

Lisa’s Story…

Hey Ladies this tattoo was submitted by Lisa in the UK. Once again some beautiful work has been done. Thank you Lisa for sharing your story.

Lisa’s Story..

I lost my mum suddenly in March 2007 and had this tattoo done in early April, mum loved angels and the colour pink!  It’s based on The Angel of August by Michael Parkes.  If you look closely at the pink clouds, the tattooist also inked the word mum into the cloud contours.

Of my three tattoos that I have it is my favourite! It was inked by Kouri of Holey Skin in Bristol, England. UK

Michele’s Story …

Hey Ladies,  this week I would like to share the various stories I received for some of the amazing tattoos that our Single Gal followers have. This is Michele’s story and I want to thank her for sharing it with us. Your Rock Babe! Cheers Hopeful in TO

This tattoo was a cover up that was several years in the making.
I’ll explain the finished product in detail for you so you understand it a little better.
This tattoo is all about my healing process thru depression. There are 3 flowers to represent my 3 children,  the two in bloom are to represent Alex & Curtis (my two sons) and the bud not open presents the fetus that I lost. All of which had an impact on my depression in one way or another. The words “Strength” “Courage” and “Happiness” are the phases of healing the illness.
Strength to admit that to overcome depression you must take the first step.
Courage to actually take that first step towards healing.
Happiness is the final product and the whole thing is shaped as a heart.

This was a very emotional day for me and as much pain it was to get….it was more than worth it in my opinion.I actually cried when I first saw it completed and on my skin forever. It’s a part of me now and much more beautiful and meaningful than that black blob that was there before.
The artist was Jason from The Riedel Needle shop in Orangeville.
13 First Street, Orangeville, Ontario
519-938-5157 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              519-938-5157      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
He also has a Facebook page and also a Myspace page.


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