The mid-week hump buster – GSP

Sorry I missed last week’s midweek treat, unfortunately life got in the way of priorities… This Yummo is a week late but he deserves to be mentioned once again because I do believe he is not just the Ultimate Fighter but The Ultimate Man.. Ladies if you have not seen him before now, please enjoy and if you have… you know exactly what I am talking about! Today’s feast for the eyes is none other than Georges St. Pierre or as I like to call him Gorgeous Georges.

Meet the Cowboy

Today’s Yummo is UFC fighter Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone. YeeHaw save a horse and ride a cowboy! Giddy Up!

UFC #129 I’m routing for GSP

Okay I know I have made Georges St. Pierre a Yummo many times but today’s is UFC #129 and it is happening here in Toronto. I am a big fan of UFC, it is my guilty pleasure. I love watching the Ultimate Fighter reality show… it’s full man drama and half naked men, it really is the ultimate girlie show.

He is known for having a powerful punch and one of the best chins in MMA

Today’s Yummo is Patrick Cote a French-Canadian mixed martial artist.

The Ulitmate Winner

Today’s Yummo is once again Georges St-Pierre The Ultimate Winner.


Today’s Yummo is UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre. Yes he has been a yummo numerous times and that because he is my dream man. I love his being, his sense of humour, his body is ridiculous and he is all man. Tonight he is fighting Josh Koscheck, I’d wish him luck but he does not need it he will destroy Koscheck. Go GSP!

He’s an oddity but we like him

Today’s Yummo is UFC fighter Dan Hardy. He is my co-workers favorite so I am posting him for her, I think he is kind  cute as well but we both like odd things.

I love his being

Today’s Yummo is UFC hopeful Jonathan Brookins. He is fighting for the title of the next Ultimate Fighter, I think he is a sweetest being. I also think we will be the next Ultimate Fighter, go Brookins!!

UFC goes to Hollywood

Today’s Yummo is Randy Couture. He is a UFC hottie turned Hollywood Hottie. I think this man is crazy sexy, I love watching him on UFC and now I can see him on the big screen in The Expendables.

If it’s not a Dirty Rock Star it’s a UFC fighter…

Today’s Yummo is UFC’s Todd Duffee, Ladies check out this months cover of Muscle & Fitness..SWEET!

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