The mid-week hump buster – GSP

Sorry I missed last week’s midweek treat, unfortunately life got in the way of priorities… This Yummo is a week late but he deserves to be mentioned once again because I do believe he is not just the Ultimate Fighter but The Ultimate Man.. Ladies if you have not seen him before now, please enjoy and if you have… you know exactly what I am talking about! Today’s feast for the eyes is none other than Georges St. Pierre or as I like to call him Gorgeous Georges.

UFC 154 – GSP vs. Condit..a text update

Some have you may have figured out that I am a big Georges St-Pierre fan, therefore I was super excited that he was fighting again after one year hiatus due to a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Georges underwent ACL reconstruction surgery and has been rehabilitating his knee for the last 11 months and Saturday November 17 was his first time back in the Octagon since his injury. I was unable to watch the fight since is was a friend’s birthday so I had asked my brother to send me updates so at least I would know that night if GSP won. Here are the fight updates :



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