Guilty pleasure Friday – Kingdom edition

Last week Queen B shared with us how she is entertaining herself with TikTok to help get through the pandemic.  I have not gone down that road, because I have Netflix to finish.

Yes, binge watching shows is my go-to, it started last March with Tiger King and I haven’t stopped. I can usually get through a season of something in a weekend. I have been watching Kingdom for the last 3 months, this series is only 3 seasons and I am currently on the 3rd season now, but I need to take breaks from it.  Why? Because I absolutely love Jay Kulina.

Why I am obsessed with Jay Kulina…

I love this character because he’s sexy, witty and lives life like it’s his last day on earth. He trains hard, parties hard and loves hard.  Having a mother who had abandoned him has left him with deep seeded emotional issues. Even though he can be hot temper it is not without reason, he is fiercely protective of the people that he loves. As one love interest put it “His heart is too big for this world”.

Also, he can fill out a pair of man panties! Damn!

Why I need to take a break from Kingdom?

This show has everything, drama, romance, and MMA fighting. But I need to take breaks because Jay consumes my thoughts, I am embarrassed to say I cannot get the man out of my head. I think about what he has gone through and what he is going through. I understand his struggle to better himself and no one seeing him as nothing but the hot-headed fighter.

 I often wonder why is it so hard to meet to man like Jay? A man that has a passion for something, is loyal, will protect you at all cost and love you like there is no other.  Really what this comes down to is we need the world to go back to normal. I need to get out there and start meeting people so that I can stop fantasizing about a TV character!

In the meantime, I will get my Jay fix weekly and hope by the time I am done I can go back out in to the world.

Can you relate to this? Is there a TV crush that keeps you distracted? What have you been bingeing and why?

Guilty Pleasure – TicTok Edition

Hi Gals,

I know it’s been a while and I’m happy to report I am no longer single. I’ve actually been in a relationship for over 7.5 years, which in my world is a lifetime. With all the craziness in the world and being off and on with quarantine as well as living in a 1 bedroom condo with my boyfriend you need to find little guilty pleasures that you can enjoy, and which keep you sane.

People have a love, hate with social media as do I, and it’s not like I subscribe to all forms of social media, for example I don’t have Facebook, but I’ve found a guilty pleasure in TikTok. I don’t even remember why I downloaded the app, maybe I liked the idea that you don’t have to have an account to be a Tiktokker, meaning no subscription is needed. You just get the app and easily scroll through random people’s accounts and see what they are up to or what’s on their minds.

The appeal of TikTok.

  1. You hear songs you may or may not know but also see dances that people have created for them.
    1. In my head I can and do the dances flawlessly so I’m an expert.
  2. I assume the algorithm is different if you’ve logged in but whatever they are using I do see find people on repeat who appeal to me.

It’s my guilty pleasure and aside from ruining some songs for Francesco – sorry “Tricky” and RunDMC it provides me a nice little break.

The funny thing about this platform is that I see people saying parents or people over 40 etc… shouldn’t be on it. Well I’m a puppy parent and over 40 so screw you, plus my mom is addicted and I find this amazing because she is in her mid-70’s. I tried to see what she gets on her feed but she wouldn’t let me, but I did joke with her that I want to see her TikTok dance the next time I visited.

Anyways this isn’t an ad and I’m not telling you to sign-up to Tiktok just letting you know that this is something I’ve embraced which has brought smiles to my face and kept me in the know with music.

Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day! It only happens once every four years so why not take advantage of this extra day in your calendar and try something new. Consider this day as a free pass to get out of your comfort zone or to indulge in your favourite guilty pleasure.

Here are some suggestions from the Single Gals team:

  1. Have Champagne for lunch..Actually I think it was a glass but hey if you want to have a liquid lunch DO IT!
  2. Ask a hottie out… some traditions allow women to propose to a man on Leap Day we think that is a little extreme;  asking them out is ballsy enough.
  3. Tell the truth for the day, no little white lies just the truth
  4. If you hate doing things alone take today to  go to a movie alone, or eat at a restaurant alone.
  5. Call up one of the guys on your standby list and set up a booty call

Whatever you do today have fun and if you did try something new, we’d love to hear all about it.







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