So you’re thinking about coloring your own hair? Here are some tips from a pro…

Listen ladies, as a beauty professional I understand that salons aren’t cheap! Actually, as a beauty professional I personally think that you can be seriously ripped off and taken advantage of at the salon. So I completely understand why one would consider coloring their own hair at home using…. Box Dye!! Ugh I even hate the sound of the words!

Unfortunately for us box dyes have not really come a long way.

It is my understanding that box dyes have a higher peroxide level in their product (which you probably don’t need to color your hair), hence your hair being dry damaged and fuzzy after multiple box dye usages. Also, never believe that you can lighten your own hair with a box dye and it will come out a nice sunny blonde. We’ve all had that friend who applied “Golden Honeycomb” to their brown hair and it really came out “Vitamin Pee Yellow.”  Box Dyes do not have the capacity to lighten and tone your darker hair! I have only met few who have had success with this and that is only because their hair  was already light, never been colored or 75% gray!

Finally, even though you buy the same box dye color over and over again please don’t assume it’s going to be the same color. Because of the low price of the product, the fact that they can possibly be on those retail shelves for years and the quality of the chemicals used, proves high risk the color will not be that “hazelnut brown” every time.

For tips on coloring your own hair at home see below:

1 – MOST  important! Do not try to lighten your own hair more than one or two shades with a box dye. You will only end up paying extra to get it fixed in the salon. You will also cause serious damage as to fix it more chemicals will have to be used on your hair.

2- If you only need your roots done, try to only apply the color to your roots. If you apply all over your head all the time the ends of your hair will only get darker and darker (think of layering coats of  paint).

3- If you want to refresh the ends of your hair due to fading, only comb the color down in the last 5-10 mins. This means taking a medium tooth comb, and spreading the color from your roots down using the comb.

4- If you are going from light to dark, choose a color that has a warm tone to it like caramel brown, or auburn. Chocolate browns and blacks will turn your lighter hair a soupy grey color because they have cool tones to them ( think of putting blue/purple on yellow)

5 – If your hair is already damaged skip the box dye and go to a professional. A bad hair dresser probably can’t damaged your hair anymore then the box dye and at least your odds are better with a professional.

6- If you screw up don’t try to fix it yourself!

7- Black is never a good idea when it comes to box dye, unless your natural hair color is actually black and u want to cover up some grays!

Obviously when it comes to coloring hair, it is my advice to save up and consult a professional, however not all of us can afford this luxury. So if you’re going to use a box dye try to follow the simple rules above or do your own research! There is  tones of information on the net these days to satisfy your home coloring cravings!

“Best Friends Never Have Bad Hair Days”


– Glamour Girl

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