The mid-week hump buster – GSP

Sorry I missed last week’s midweek treat, unfortunately life got in the way of priorities… This Yummo is a week late but he deserves to be mentioned once again because I do believe he is not just the Ultimate Fighter but The Ultimate Man.. Ladies if you have not seen him before now, please enjoy and if you have… you know exactly what I am talking about! Today’s feast for the eyes is none other than Georges St. Pierre or as I like to call him Gorgeous Georges.

The midweek treat – Chris Messina

Today is your hump day treat… I’ve been watching the Mindy Project and I have noticed Chris Messina who plays Danny Castellano the hot Doctor that Mindy will end up with one day. I think his smile makes him one very sexy man. Watch The Mindy Project you’ll get it … besides the show is funny and Mindy is super quirky cute.

David Beckham please take it off!

It’s Hump Day… It’s the day that  I realize I am on my 3rd work day and  I am 3 days away from the weekend. Three days until the weekend!!!

What’s a gal to do to get her over this hump, well ladies I discovered that watching David Beckham commercials certainly takes edge off the mid-week hurdle.

This man has great hair and if he keeps his mouth shut he is totally hump worthy

Today’s Hump Day yummo is Tom Cruise…Yes I know he is a crazy, controlling Scientology freak that may be in the closet. All that aside if he doesn’t open his mouth he is totally hump worthy especially sporting his new rocker look for the movie version of Rock of Ages. ( To may girlie Triple C, I may go see this movie with you after all)

Here’s an International Hump Day Hump

Today’s Hump Day Hump Dino Morea has appeared in Bollywood films and is a former model.


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