I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours…

Happy Hump Day Ladies!
Here’s a sinfully delicious treat to perk up this otherwise dreary November Day.  I say sinfully delish because I think it may be blasphemous to lust after a man of god. HOWEVER I don’t think it is right for the church to taunt me with this absolute cutie, isn’t this entrapment? Of course I going to have un-pure thoughts … hell I am envisioning  my version of  The Thorn Birds as I write this.

Flashback Friday

Today’s Flashback Yummo is John Cusack, while in Rome and channel surfing afer a long day of romping around the city we watched ‘Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil’ in Italian. Neither myself or Queen B understand Italian but we watched because we both have a love for John Cusack. I think we both secretly hope that one day someone will show up on our doorstep with a boombox playing a love song.



Sinful thoughts and a visit to see the pope…

Today’s Hump Day Hunk Lorenzo Zanirato is sure to evoke some very sinful thoughts which is great timing for my visit to the vatican today.

The ruins of Pompeii and Italian models can life get any better…

It’ Monday …What are your Plans today? I will be wondering the ruins of Pompeii…why yes I am in Italy  and today’s Monday Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is Italian model Raffaele de Rossi. Enjoy!

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