It’s a bird? It’s a Plane? No It’s SUPERMAN

Today’s Yummo is Henry Cavill the new Superman and seriously this man is chiseled perfection with a british accent. Talk about instant panty remover.


Superman Shirtless

henry cavill

Happy Saturday!

Hey Gals.

I’ve received various links to pic’s of hot men from my gals pals, and I’ve finally got the hint…It’s Yummo time!

Today’s Yummo, model André Hall was sent to me yesterday with the message ‘Yummo Material’ and yes he is. Have a great day gals!

Andre Hall

Andre Hall

Ryan Gosling looking good as a badass

Happy Friday Gals,

Ryan Gosling is all tatted up and buffed up for his new move ‘The Place Beyond the Pine’


Ryan Gosling in 'The Place beyond the pines'

The only good thing about G.I. Joe: Retaliation

This weekend I got duped into seeing G.I. Joe: Retaliation, I agreed on the hopes of seeing Channing Tatum and The Rock shirtless and that never happened! I was about to write this movie off until this man showed up on-screen. Lee Byung Hun plays Storm Shadow in this epic disappointment but seeing him running around half-naked did numb the pain a little. So gals I am saving you from getting duped by your man, here is the highlight of the movie. Enjoy!


Lee 2

Say Hello to Chayanne!

Good Morning Ladies,

As promised here is our frist Latin American Yummo…Let me introduce you to Chayanne, saw his video’s for the first time in El Salvador and yes Queen B and I both agreed that ‘We’d tap that!” Would you?




The mid-week hump buster – GSP

Sorry I missed last week’s midweek treat, unfortunately life got in the way of priorities… This Yummo is a week late but he deserves to be mentioned once again because I do believe he is not just the Ultimate Fighter but The Ultimate Man.. Ladies if you have not seen him before now, please enjoy and if you have… you know exactly what I am talking about! Today’s feast for the eyes is none other than Georges St. Pierre or as I like to call him Gorgeous Georges.

The midweek treat – Chris Messina

Today is your hump day treat… I’ve been watching the Mindy Project and I have noticed Chris Messina who plays Danny Castellano the hot Doctor that Mindy will end up with one day. I think his smile makes him one very sexy man. Watch The Mindy Project you’ll get it … besides the show is funny and Mindy is super quirky cute.

I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours…

Happy Hump Day Ladies!
Here’s a sinfully delicious treat to perk up this otherwise dreary November Day.  I say sinfully delish because I think it may be blasphemous to lust after a man of god. HOWEVER I don’t think it is right for the church to taunt me with this absolute cutie, isn’t this entrapment? Of course I going to have un-pure thoughts … hell I am envisioning  my version of  The Thorn Birds as I write this.

Flashback Friday with Tom Selleck

In honor of Movember and Flashback Friday’s  I thought we should pay tribute to the one man who has always rocked “The Stache” over the decades. He was handsome back than and is now sexy silver fox. Besides can you think of another man who can rock ‘The Stache’ AND  short shorts.



Happy Hump Day!

I think it’s time for a Yummo it’s been a long while. Today’s Yummo is Anson Mount  he plays the very sexy, manly Cullen Bohannan on Hell on Wheels. Ladies if you have not seen this show give it a watch, it is time well spent but be warned you will be left longing for a manly man.


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