Hopeful in TO is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist working in the financial industry. She is still trying to figure out the world of dating, eating right, and the concept of cooking for one, all while trying to stay Hopeful.   She is an old school gal that believes people can still get to know each other the organic way with phone calls and dates. She is out there struggling to conform to the modern way of dating via text messages, e-mails and avoidance. She will do her best to help all you old school gals stay hopeful while giving you tips on staying  fit, eating healthy and sharing her dating disaster so that you know you are not alone.


 Formerly known as Single Chick is not only cute, but spunky, smart and just an overall great gal. This Gal has talents, she creates beautiful floral arrangements, makes designer earrings and does a mean Courtney Love impression.  She has been told by a psychic to be less bitchy, and to keep dating because Mr. Right is on his way. She was on a dating mission of 50 first dates, and thankfully she did not have to get to 50 before she found Mister Right. Can you believe it the Psychic was right and she did not have to be less bitchy to get him! He loves her just the way she is… AWESOME! She has shared her dating stories with us they are hilarious, discouraging and bizarre.


Queen B is the fashionista of the team, this gal has style! She too is an old school gal out there struggling with the dating scene.Whether it be the man of the moment or the partner of a lifetime it really doesn’t matter. What does is that she manoeuvres the mine field with no terminal injuries.


Glamour Girl is the hairstylist to the Single Gals Team. She is the reason that Hopeful in TO does walk around with roots! She will never leave a girl hanging; she is always there for emergency touch ups. She is a professional hairstylist that is willing to share insider tips with us because she believes a Gal should never have a bad hair day.

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