Trimming the bush makes the tree look taller…

This ingenious slogan comes to you from Gillette. They have made a YouTube series on “manscaping”. We are all for manscaping here at Single Gals. Yes it is very manly to have hair on your chest; however when it comes to hairy backs we draw the line. Boys please do not get offended because women everyday are either shaving their bits and pieces, applying makeup, wearing heels all for the sake of getting your attention. The least you can do is a little maintenance. This first video is on how to shave your groin area. It looks to me that Gillette thinks that you need to shave it all off, actually we prefer that you didn’t. A trim will do just fine because if we wanted to go to Bush Gardens we’d visit the park.

This second video is on how to shave your back. This is very good advice. If it looks as though you’re wearing a wool sweater all year round then it is time to shave. This video illustrates that you will need help so don’t be shy to ask your girlfriend, wife or fling, believe me they will be more than happy to assist.


Good job stud! Now that you are done with the grooming go out there and impress the ladies with your tall tree!!!

Single Gal


  1. As a dude stumbling on you blog I have to say it is only fair we do some man scaping. I also appreciate it that the gals in my life do this as well.

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