Strangers in Paradise…

Virtual sex, what is this world coming to? What happened to vibrators ladies? Recently the Fifth estate ran a story on a woman who left her husband and kids to run off to England to meet her virtual lover. There is a web site called “Second Life” with over 2.5 millions users. On this site you can live the ultimate fantasy life. Anything is possible, you can be a millionaire, a Rock Star, own a jet, and have random virtual sex if you so desire, all from the comfort of your computer chair.

It seems that 2.5 million people would rather live in this virtual world than in reality. Caroline a mother of four is one of them. She is convinced that she has met her virtual soul mate and is willing to leave her family to meet Elliott her virtual partner. Poor Caroline is all wrapped up in Elliot’s virtual persona; she has forgotten that Elliott is just like her; bored with his life. He is obviously lacking social skills or why else would he be looking for love in a virtual world. I bet in his Second Life world he looks like Brad Pitt rather than the Pee Wee Herman he is in reality. Caroline has forgotten the key word here….FANTASY!

I fear for our future generations, what life will be like for them. Are all social interactions going to be virtual? Will those of us that live in the real world have to go into hiding because we will be known as the freaks of society? Am I old school since I believe that the man of my dreams exists in the real world? Maybe it is me that is living in the fantasy world?

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