The Jiggle around the middle…

Lately I’m feeling like a Jell-O commercial, ‘See it wiggle, see it jiggle” around the middle. I’m not sure where this belly is coming from, I workout, I eat clean 5 – 6 days a week, but I swear the jiggle is getting bigger. I know age is part of the equation, and part is probably my obsession with it. I do realize that our personal perceptions of ourselves are distorted. One zit means we have acne, 5 pounds looks like 30 and to top it off we try to squeeze into those favorite jeans that no longer fit just to prove to ourselves that yes we’ve gained weight.
I know I should get rid of those jeans, I have not fit into them in two years, but I hang on to them like some sort of lifeline. Every other month I try to squeeze into them, and when I cannot button them up it starts a downward spiral of self-pity and self-loathing. WHY? I am a totally sane reasonable person, I think? So why do I do this to myself?
 I know I am not alone I have friends that have that favorite pair of jeans, dress or top in  their closet that they hope to one-day fit into. However that day keeps getting farther and father away, yet we never throw those items out. They are our nemeses hanging in our closets taunting us, knowing we will never rid of them, knowing that any day we will decide to squeeze into them because we have not tortured ourselves in a while.
Just this morning I confronted my nemeses and told those jeans I will be wearing them in July, come hell or high water. If I have to do cardio every day I WILL! If I need to train more with my trainer I WILL! If I need to cut out all grains like breads and pasta I WILL! If I have to cut beer out of my diet, I will…Oh wait could it be the beer? Nah, that’s just crazy talk!
Does anyone want to join me in my mission to take my nemeses down? What’s your nemesis and what are you going to do to fight it?

Hopeful in TO


  1. I hear ya Hopeful in TO & glad to know I'm not the only one with "something in my closet that will someday fit again" & as much as I dream to get into those jeans again – Life is short & I want a happy medium of working out, but not killing myself at the same time – SO, I will continue to work out & have my beer & if the jeans sit on a hanger for another 2 years, then at least I have your blog to read so I won't feel alone or depressed about it. Thanks for your truthful bloggin! 🙂

  2. Mine is the same as yours….. eating clean and working out is what I am planning to do about it!!!!I will join you in the mission!!! if we suceed we can out and celebrate with beers….. and nachos !!!!Loved this post!!!!And thank you for your comment on mine….. I tell myself what you said many times each day!!!!!! Thats like my driving point now!!!!

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  4. And the next day struggle to put on the jeans!!!!

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